This is why I love the High Country!!!
So it's a cold but beautiful Saturday morning in the High Country. So, what do you do on such a day? You go to Boone Mall because (as much as we LOVE Dollar General, they just do not have everything) and  Belk was having a sale on shoes, and Levi's! Of course who can go to the mall and not visit Bath and Body Works to get a whiff of their latest fragrances!! And, of course, they're having a SALE!!!  Not being able to pass up a sale, I buy the new fragrance. I leave the store and go to Old Navy, and then go back to Belk (again)where I am overwhelmed with the 50% off sale on almost every shoe in the store. I finally stagger to the cash register with boxes of shoes stacked over my head, pay for them and leave the Mall excited over my savings. Feeling like I duped Belk out of a bundle, (since I had coupons and cash rewards and by using my Belk card) I actually got a free pair of shoes! However, what I wouldn't discover until I got home was that I left my Bath and Body Works bag sitting in a chair in the shoe department of Belk!
After spending a half hour frantically searching my car and retracing my steps I called Bath and Body Works to see if anyone had turned in the bag. The very nice young woman even went out in the Mall to see if I had left the bag  on a bench outside the store (yeah, after 5 hours, good luck). No luck there, so I phoned Belk. Once again a very nice young man, Miguel (in the show department), checked for my bag and low and behold it was at the cash register! Someone had turned it in! Had this been anyplace else in America, my bag would be long gone. My excitement would have turned to anger and frustration, and my faith in humanity would have been under scrutiny!
Only in the High Country, can you leave a bag on a chair during the turmoil of a 50% off shoe sale and have some honest shopper turn it in!!!  Again, THIS is why we live in the High Country.......


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