Just curious, how many of you think spring is here to stay?
So many new things going on in Banner Elk. The Chamber is seeing increasing numbers of people that have bought homes or property, in order to build a new home, in or near Banner Elk.  I'm thinking that traffic and parking are going to become an issue in Downtown Banner Elk. Anyone have any thoughts on this  potential problem?
Sorry guys but I cannot contain my outrage after hearing the story this morning of the United Airlines flight attendant who put a little dog in the overhead bin of a plane flying from Houston to NY. The little pup was found dead when the plane landed in NY. What kind of person would do such a thing? What kind of airline would allow this to happen? My solution..... put that flight attendant in a container on a cargo ship going to Liberia! And as for United Airlines.........!
Since weather is on everybody's mind these days. Can anyone tell me a weather story about Avery County? You know one that takes you back in time and created a hardship for the locals who lived here.
By the way, please be careful out there, slipping on the ice and shoveling the wet snow can put you out of commission for a long time! But if you do strain a muscle, or pull something that shouldn't be pulled, Give Dr. Nitti at "Back in Action Chiropractic" a call. He'll get you "Back in Action" real quick!!

Hey,  mark your calendar for March 24th 2018. The Chamber will hold its annual Easter egg Hunt at Tate Evans Park in Banner Elk. The activities Began at 11AM, and include the following:

11-12N Find the bunny.....2 dozen colorful stuffed bunnies are hidden throughout the Park.
During that same time, we will be toasting marshmallows to make smores at the fire pit in the park. (weather permitting)
12-12:15  Easter egg hunt for children 0-4
12:20-12:30  Easter egg hunt for children 5-8
12:35-12:45  Easter egg hunt for children 9-12
The Bunny will be available for picture taking on the stage after the egg hunt.
1:30 - 3:00 Story time and Face painting at the Book Exchange at the Historic Banner Elk School
3;00 -4:00 Easter egg coloring at the Banner Elk Café

Do you all remember the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds"? Well I have a very aggressive Junco who has been attacking my Jeep for three days.  The car is in a carport attached to my house. The first day I was alerted to a bird screeching outside my back door. Further investigation revealed a Junco frantically fliting around my dark green Jeep in the attached carport appearing to be in some state of hysteria! He remained there most of the afternoon. Second day he returned walking all over the car, stopping to peck at it from time to time. My sudden appearance did not seem to disturb him in any way. Third day he continued to flit about the car pecking at various locations on the car. I was concerned about damage from the pecking, so my jeep is now shrouded in beach towels and blankets, but to no avail as the bird continues to fly around the car as if their were a hidden treasure inside. Does anyone have any idea why this bird has taken a fancy to my Jeep? By the way, I pur…
This is why I love the High Country!!!
So it's a cold but beautiful Saturday morning in the High Country. So, what do you do on such a day? You go to Boone Mall because (as much as we LOVE Dollar General, they just do not have everything) and  Belk was having a sale on shoes, and Levi's! Of course who can go to the mall and not visit Bath and Body Works to get a whiff of their latest fragrances!! And, of course, they're having a SALE!!!  Not being able to pass up a sale, I buy the new fragrance. I leave the store and go to Old Navy, and then go back to Belk (again)where I am overwhelmed with the 50% off sale on almost every shoe in the store. I finally stagger to the cash register with boxes of shoes stacked over my head, pay for them and leave the Mall excited over my savings. Feeling like I duped Belk out of a bundle, (since I had coupons and cash rewards and by using my Belk card) I actually got a free pair of shoes! However, what I wouldn't discover until I got hom…