Do you all remember the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds"? Well I have a very aggressive Junco who has been attacking my Jeep for three days. 
The car is in a carport attached to my house. The first day I was alerted to a bird screeching outside my back door. Further investigation revealed a Junco frantically fliting around my dark green Jeep in the attached carport appearing to be in some state of hysteria! He remained there most of the afternoon.
Second day he returned walking all over the car, stopping to peck at it from time to time. My sudden appearance did not seem to disturb him in any way.
Third day he continued to flit about the car pecking at various locations on the car. I was concerned about damage from the pecking, so my jeep is now shrouded in beach towels and blankets, but to no avail as the bird continues to fly around the car as if their were a hidden treasure inside.
Does anyone have any idea why this bird has taken a fancy to my Jeep?
By the way, I purchased the Jeep from Chamber member Ross Chrysler 2 years ago. My experience with this dealership has been nothing but delightful! I strongly recommend that if you have any thoughts about buying a new car this year that you give them a chance. They are the Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram dealer on Hwy 105 in Boone.   


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